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Bathroom Remodeling

After a tiring day from work, your home serves as your oasis of relaxation. Inside your home, there are two places where you spend most of your time chilling, that is, your kitchen and bathroom.

However, if your bathroom seems to direly need a new face, then you can expect Mega Kitchen and Bath to be your best local bathroom remodeler. We offer a wide range of bathroom remodeling services in Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

We combine our more than ten years of experience and modern technologies to give you an astounding result for your modern bathroom renovation in Bethesda, MD.

Call us today to find out more of the best deals and packages we are offering for your budget bathroom renovations.

Some Of Our Happy Customers Say

"Mega Kitchen and Bath did an awesome job! They were quick to respond to my request and gave me a good quote. I would absolutely recommend Mega Kitchen and Bath to anyone that needs remodeling."
Kellie E.
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"We had a great remodel experience with Mega Kitchen and Bath. We remodeled our kitchen, opening it up to the dining room, as well as our main bathroom. I would highly recommend them to others! "
Sandeep K.
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"Mega Kitchen and Bath consulted with us about granite options, measured and gave us a an estimate, and installed the countertop, backsplash, and under mount sink within two weeks."
Alina O.
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Would You Like to Have Your Dream Bathroom Like This?


We make sure that each tiny detail of your project is taken care of by one of our designers and that your remodel experience is second to none in the entire area!


The end result of your project here at Mega Kitchen and Bath will always be a positive one. We strive to keep customer service at the pinnacle focus throughout the entire process.


There is no reason to cut corners when it comes to remodeling your home to make it the living space of your dreams. Here at Mega Kitchen and Bath we make sure to pride ourselves on all the fine little details.

How We Remodel Your Bathroom



You are always welcome to our showroom in Bowie Maryland, however you can also reach us via call or email. At the time We will schedule one of our expert designers for your home visit and see the potential remodeling project.



In order to give you the best and most beautiful design options, our professional designer will visit you at your home and discuss about the project and take measurements as needed. You will have several design and layout options to choose from.



Cabinets, countertops, tiles, floors and more. Mega Kitchen and Bath provides all the material options at our showroom in Bowie Maryland. We have various options for all the materials. We will provide a 3D design to see how your choices come together.



We will visit your home for pre-construction meeting just before we begin to the project. Therefore, We will double-check all the measurements and estimated work time. The job site supervisor will explain you all the construction steps.



Depending on the project’s size and scope, Mega Kitchen and Bath will provide you the best job in a realistic time. We will create a special timeline for you, therefore you can always check the timing. We will deliver on time as we always do.



As your vision finally started to look like a reality. At the end of the process you will have your fantastic new living spaces. The excitement about your new space reaches a new level. Now its time to enjoy this fascinating home.

Bathroom Remodeling Bethesda MD

Bathroom Remodeling Bethesda is much easier for you with Mega Kitchen and Bath. If you are looking for experts to help you with your project for bathroom remodeling Bethesda, You are at the right place.

With an exhaustive choice of colors and materials, along with many amenities. We can offer you choices not many can afford. From bathroom sinks to, bath tubs and shower stalls, we have it all in our showroom for you. In order to treat your eyes and taste We designed our showroom carefully. In our showroom you can see marble, glass or ceramic floor options. Addition to that wall tiles to complement your bathroom of similar design and materials. Bathroom Remodeling Bethesda.

Mega Kitchen and Bath is mindful of the likes and dislikes of the mother of the house. Therefore, Mega professional make every effort to meet the design and functionality demands of our clients. In order to make the bathroom area one of the favorite places of the whole family. Above all, Mega Kitchen and Bath uses the cost-effective methods and materials to create the best bathroom. bathroom remodeling bethesda md.

We take the worry out of your bathroom needs by working with you. All the way from design and choice of materials to the last touch. Obviously, We will complete the job without delay and you will be able to enter tour bathroom in no time. So, our average time of completing a bathroom remodeling Bethesda is two to three weeks.

Let Us Bring Your Dream Kitchen & Bathroom to Reality

Featuring the latest styles in kitchen and bathroom decoration.

Bathroom Remodeling Bethesda at It’s Best

Our staff is intimately familiar with the materials and latest technological tools to do the job efficiently and the right way the first time. First of all, our motto is, ‘If a job is not doing right the first time, it is not worth doing.’ We adhere to that motto all the way, with no compromise in quality. You shall find our price—in both materials cost and workmanship—very competitive.  We buy directly from the manufacturer—bypassing the middle man—and pass the saving on our customers. You can compare our prices. bathroom remodeling bethesda md.

Give us a call and visit us to discuss your bathroom remodeling needs, or simply drop by and walk through our award winning showroom, where we can also answer your questions.

Whether you are looking into a comprehensive remodeling or some minor cosmetic changes, such as installing a new commode or a sink, or redoing the floor to accomplish color match in the bathroom, we treat the job with utmost care, regardless of its size. Bathroom remodeling Bethesda MD.

Save yourself the headache; work with us and let us work for you. You will not be sorry that we promise. Our references are our past customers. You can always check our social media accounts; FacebookYouTube and Instagram.

2020 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas in Bethesda MD

Frequently Asked Questions

Planning to redo your bathroom would require detailed planning that encompasses several aspects. These factors can include permits, suppliers, duration, budget, design, manpower, demolition, and installation of new fixtures.

If you want to unload yourself from the overwhelming task of getting a serious upgrade with your bathroom, hire a bathroom remodeling contractor in Bethesda, MD. Luckily, Mega Kitchen and Bath can be the top-rated local contractor that will help you materialize your very small bathroom remodeling design.

All our technicians, interior designers, fabricators, plumbers, electricians, and installers are licensed and insured to undertake your small bathroom remodeling on a budget. Whether you need a small update on bathroom fixtures or an entire makeover of the design, Mega Kitchen and Bath can seamlessly do it for you.

Our interior designer shall gather the details on what you want to achieve for redesigning your bathroom. Then, we are going to produce a 3D model based on your preference, so you can visualize the outcome of the makeover.

Upon choosing your local bathroom remodeling contractor, make sure they have substantial experience. You can see that in their company profile and the portfolios of the projects they have accomplished.

Right now, you can have a quick view of the images of the remodeling projects we have done in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC. We put great effort into all the details in your small bathroom makeover, which includes your bathroom vanities, cabinets, flooring, walls, fixtures, lighting, bathtubs, showerheads, and more.

One of the factors that greatly influence the extent of the redo is bathroom remodel cost. Mega Kitchen and Bath understands your concern, so we are always giving a free online estimate. You can take advantage of this without paying a cent for us.

Among the other local remodelers in Bethesda, we offer an adaptive pricing strategy based on what is within your reach. We are going to ask you for your projected budget, and then see if it matches with the things you want to be included in the remodeling.

We can always work things out if you want to save on cost. You can do some of the tasks in the remodeling process, so you can save some on labor. Likewise, we can choose cheaper materials with good quality for the countertops, cabinets, tub, shower head, and walls in your bathroom.

Typically, most homeowners pay about $125 per square foot as an average cost of bathroom remodel. Meanwhile, for a bathroom remodeling total cost, the price can range from $6,000 to $16,000. If you have a large bathroom area, the cost can start from $25,000.

Nevertheless, we will help you find the best cost-effective option of re-inventing the aesthetics and comfort inside your lucrative bathroom.

Based on Money Magazine, Bethesda is considered as the top 20 best places to live in the U.S. In Maryland’s community listings, Bethesda made it to the top 50 best places to visit and live in. It got the title as the “Thriving Urban Center” in Maryland, where most residents are well-educated and rich families.

The mesmerizing ambiance and joyful people of this area deserve to have the best bathroom remodeling service. Our personnel has gone through rigid training and experience to give you Mega Kitchen and Bath as your top rank bathroom remodeling contractor in Bethesda.

Even if you have a small bathroom, it will never be a hindrance to stand out and give you an oasis-like ambiance. We shall work on the details and materials to be used for getting a serious upgrade with your bathroom vanities, cabinets, floorings, walls, shower head, and tub. 

If you have a small bathroom space, we shall recommend a walk-in shower instead of getting a bathtub. Likewise, a floating vanity top would be perfect because there is an open space underneath which can serve as a storage area for your extra toiletries and towels.

For your walk-in shower, we can have a glass enclosure with or without a door. Our interior designer shall also craft smart space-saving storages inside your bath which also enhances its overall appeal.

All these details will be carefully planned and executed so that we can achieve your refreshing and stylish small bathroom remodeling on a budget.

If you have any other questions in mind, feel free to message or call us today. We welcome inquiries and comments. Do not forget to use our free online estimate, as it comes with zero cost and obligation from you.

We can also schedule a date if you want us to have an onsite inspection in your place and craft a proposal for your bathroom redo. This will come at a minimal fee but can be waived if you hire us for your modern bathroom remodeling.

Mega Kitchen and Bath is your all-round local contractor for renovating your kitchen, bathroom, and basement in Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia.

Are you ready to transform your old bathroom into a sleek and vibrant one?

Call us today so we can schedule your appointment.