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Bathroom Remodeling DC

Bathroom remodeling DC is the art of putting in place new fixtures, layout, techniques and relocating the fixtures. It is an interior design idea. Bathroom remodeling DC mainly involved with expanding the bathroom and adding new fittings such as a sauna or steam baths. There are several reasons to remodel your bathroom in DC.

One of the main reason for bathroom remodeling DC is the converting your bathroom to the more functional space. Expanding your bathroom and replacing the bathroom materials such as tiles, vanities, toilets or tubs will turn your bathroom to more functional space. Converting your bathroom to the more modern look is possible with Mega Kitchen and Bath. A lot of components comes together on the remodeling process. Picking up the right materials, choosing the true color palette and flawless labor is only a phone away to you. We are providing professional design services for our customers in Washington DC. Our expert designers will guide you through the design process.

The second most common reason to remodel your bathroom in Washington DC is improving energy efficiency. Cutting the energy bills is a key issue for many people in DC. Replacing your old fashioned shower head to the new and modern shower head will cut the water you use in bathroom by half! Modern models of high efficiency faucets will provide the similar results for your home. On the other hand, the lights above your gorgeous vanities are may not be energy efficient models. Replacing them with the newer models will save you a lot of money. There are new models that use 60% less energy. Nowadays, Mega Kitchen and Bath is pioneer remodeling company all around Washington DC who is prioritizing the energy efficiency remodeling models.

How to Save Money on Bathroom Remodeling DC?

First of all, in order to save money on your bathroom remodeling you need to work with professional, experienced remodeling company. There are different ways of saving money on your bathroom remodeling project. One of the most common way is not relocating the bathroom components such as toilet, vanities and tubs. Keeping these components on their own existing places will save you a lot of money. Because you do not have to make that much change and do not have to think about plumbing and electrical updates. If you change toilet’s location it requires the more plumbing work such as new pipes and all.

Bathroom remodeling DC might increase your home value as well. Renovated bathrooms are really effective to increase home value. However, you need to know; “How much you need to spend to remodel your bathroom?” If you spend too much it will not make sense for you to remodel your bathroom. If you do not spend enough it is not going to increase your home value. Therefore, working with professional remodeling company will help you a lot. Especially in Washington DC, it is not easy to remodel 100 years old properties. Even the permit process might be a headache for you because the drawings and scope of work need to be detailed for DCRA to have a permit ready quick.

Mega Kitchen and Bath has completed tens of bathroom remodeling projects around Washington DC. We are familiar with all the steps and possible problems. Therefore, this experience makes us one of the most successful remodeling company all around Washington DC.

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