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Bathroom Remodeling

Mega Kitchen and Bath is one of the trusted local bathroom remodelers in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.

Visit our showroom in Bowie, Maryland to see our stunning collections of stone countertops, wooden cabinets, vanities, bathtubs, showerheads, and more. You can also get a free online estimate for your kitchen and bath makeover with zero obligations.

Some Of Our Happy Customers Say

"Mega Kitchen and Bath did an awesome job! They were quick to respond to my request and gave me a good quote. I would absolutely recommend Mega Kitchen and Bath to anyone that needs remodeling."
Kellie E.
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"We had a great remodel experience with Mega Kitchen and Bath. We remodeled our kitchen, opening it up to the dining room, as well as our main bathroom. I would highly recommend them to others! "
Sandeep K.
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"Mega Kitchen and Bath consulted with us about granite options, measured and gave us a an estimate, and installed the countertop, backsplash, and under mount sink within two weeks."
Alina O.
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Would You Like to Have Your Dream Bathroom Like This?


We make sure that each tiny detail of your project is taken care of by one of our designers and that your remodel experience is second to none in the entire area!


The end result of your project here at Mega Kitchen and Bath will always be a positive one. We strive to keep customer service at the pinnacle focus throughout the entire process.


There is no reason to cut corners when it comes to remodeling your home to make it the living space of your dreams. Here at Mega Kitchen and Bath we make sure to pride ourselves on all the fine little details.

How We Remodel Your Bathroom



You are always welcome to our showroom in Bowie Maryland, however you can also reach us via call or email. At the time We will schedule one of our expert designers for your home visit and see the potential remodeling project.



In order to give you the best and most beautiful design options, our professional designer will visit you at your home and discuss about the project and take measurements as needed. You will have several design and layout options to choose from.



Cabinets, countertops, tiles, floors and more. Mega Kitchen and Bath provides all the material options at our showroom in Bowie Maryland. We have various options for all the materials. We will provide a 3D design to see how your choices come together.



We will visit your home for pre-construction meeting just before we begin to the project. Therefore, We will double-check all the measurements and estimated work time. The job site supervisor will explain you all the construction steps.



Depending on the project’s size and scope, Mega Kitchen and Bath will provide you the best job in a realistic time. We will create a special timeline for you, therefore you can always check the timing. We will deliver on time as we always do.



As your vision finally started to look like a reality. At the end of the process you will have your fantastic new living spaces. The excitement about your new space reaches a new level. Now its time to enjoy this fascinating home.

Bathroom Remodeling DC Ideas 2021

Bathroom Remodeling NE Washington DCA bathroom can be a shelter in a home; a comfortable space where you can retreat and escape from the stresses of the world. A comforting bath or a relaxing shower make bathrooms important parts of any home.

Mega Kitchen and Bath specialize in turning ordinary bathrooms into the luxurious and functional living spaces. Browse our website for ideas on how we can help you to create your dream bathroom in Washington DC area including Virginia and Maryland.

Mega Kitchen and Bath will help you to come up with the right design for you and your family. Mega Kitchen and Bath always use the most quality materials for your home. We will finish the job installing quality fixtures with workmanship of highest standards. Bathroom Remodeling DC is something we always do in our standards.

Mega Kitchen and Bath works with professionals and experts all the time. Our partners provides the best quality materials in the market. Fancy, quality and modern concept vanities are in our showroom waiting for you. Various tiles, backsplashes, countertops and bathroom fixtures…

Bathroom Remodeling DC is Our Business

Visit one of our showrooms and schedule your free estimate. You will see a number of styles, colors and types of cabinets in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. You will see the cabinets, countertops and tile selections fully installed and on display. This will give you an idea what style will look best in your perfect bathroom.

We will also use state-of-the-art computer technology to design your virtual bathroom. So, you can see the completed project before it is installed in your home. You will have an idea what it is going to look like your bathroom.

Call Mega Kitchen and Bath and schedule your free in-house estimate. You will also welcome at our showroom.

Bathroom Remodeling Washington DC at It’s Best

Bathroom remodeling Washington DC at it’s best. Well designed and finished bathrooms add much to the beauty and value of your house. So, in addition to give a place and make it your stay enjoyable and comfortable.

Mega Kitchen and Bath is one of the best bathroom remodelers in Washington DC. We invite you to stroll through our award winning showroom. Therefore, you can see our perfectly designed displays and have an idea of what you will get.

Let Us Bring Your Dream Kitchen & Bathroom to Reality

Featuring the latest styles in kitchen and bathroom decoration.

Professional Bathroom Remodeling Washington DC

Our professional and high experienced designers will guide you through your dream bathroom. One of our top services in Washington DC is bathroom design service as well. Therefore, you will get the best possible design ideas for your lovely bathroom remodeling Washington DC. As Mega Kitchen and Bath we follow the latest trends and design techniques. Our complete bathroom remodeling Washington DC service will provide you everything you need. bathroom remodeling washington dc.

With years of experience Mega Kitchen and Bath, one of the most professional and reliable bathroom remodelers in Washington DC. Additionally, experience has taught us the importance of the design and planning the job. So, Mega Kitchen and Bath pays due attention to details carefully. Design and planning stage is the first stage. As second stage, choice of materials to ensure timely completion of the job and the desired result.

Once we complete the design and choice of material stage. The job is smooth sailing from start to finish, with satisfaction guaranteed. We are definitely using cost-effective methods and materials to create the best bathroom for your budget and leave a happy customer behind.

You are always welcome to our showroom to check lovely bathroom vanities and tubs. Therefore, you will have an idea of the latest trends and techniques. We are providing all the materials you need with various options. Mega Kitchen and Bath is ready to serve you in Washington DC. 

Bathroom Remodeling Washington DC AreaBathroom Remodeling Washington DC is a series of steps aimed at giving a bathroom a new look. In the modern day, people consider bathroom remodeling Washington DC more as an investment. The value of your home will increase through the bathroom remodeling. In order to aim that goal you need to work with Mega Kitchen and Bath. In order to make bathrooms fit their personal style people will remodel their bathroom in Washington DC. It is to be noted that in bathroom remodeling Washington DC, there is no wrong style or taste. One remodels their bathroom depending on how they feel. There are no set standards for the bathroom remodeling. Bathroom remodeling may have a high initial cost however, the value of your home will be amazingly increase.

Bathroom Remodeling Washington DC may entail expanding a bathroom or either sticking to the same size as the bathroom. Even though if one doesn’t expand the size of the bathroom can get the bigger size vanity. Mega Kitchen and Bath provides plenty of vanity options to choose from. We are carrying wall mount vanities, modern style vanities and traditional vanities. Our professional designers will guide you to choose the best one for your bathroom in Washington DC.

Bathroom Remodeling Washington DC Cost

Bathroom Remodeling Washington DC will be much more affordable with Mega Kitchen and Bath. The key aspect for the pricing is choosing the bathroom layout. For example, you may choose to have one sink, toilet and bathtub. On the other hand, you may choose to have double sink, Jacuzzi and shower at the same time. So, the layout definitely makes the difference.

After the layout, lighting design will play the key role for your bathroom remodeling project. Nowadays, modern light fixtures will be preferred by the customers. In our showroom we provide various lighting options.

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2021 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas in Washington DC

Frequently Asked Questions

Mega Kitchen and Bath is one of the best local bathroom remodelers in Washington DC since 2014. We offer budget bathroom renovations for all residential units in the area at a price that won’t break your bank.

Your outdated bathtubs, showerheads, floors, and vanities can decrease the oasis-like ambiance in your bathroom. It defeats the purpose of being a room for relaxation and rejuvenation because of its unpleasant appeal to the user.

If you want a cost-effective way of resolving this, we are your best small bathroom remodeling on a budget. Our trained designers, fabricators, and installers will work closely in the appropriate details and materials suitable for your need and budget.

We have several stocks of materials for your vanity tops, vanity cabinets, floorings, tubs, and showerhead upgrades. Our seasoned interior designer will help you visualize your dream bathroom redo by creating a 3D model of the output. We shall put together all materials and styles of your liking in one set up to see its overall synergy and appeal.

Our combined years of expertise and experience is our best tool in making your dream modern bathroom renovation come to life. You can check our collections in our showroom in Bowie, Maryland to be a witness of its lucrative style and quality.

Is our bathroom remodeling service expensive? All our clients can attest that they have availed a cost-efficient service from a licensed bathroom remodeling contractor. Mega Kitchen and Bath offers affordable packages for your very small bathroom remodeling design and redo.

Your bathroom remodels cost will vary for different private contractors. Likewise, various factors are affecting the overall cost of your projects such as area, materials, plumbing, electrical works, fixtures, appliances, and more.

Nonetheless,  the average cost of a bathroom remodel is between $3,000 to $25,000. Most homeowners pay an estimated bathroom remodeling total cost of $6,200 to $15,000. Typically, from any bathroom remodeling estimates, labor cost accounts between 40% to 50% while the rest is for the materials.

Mega Kitchen and Bath offers affordable bathroom renovation packages starting at $9,900. We have done various remodeling projects in the areas of Washington DC, Takoma Park, Bowie, Bethesda, Annapolis, College Park, Hyattsville, Columbia, Kensington, Rockville, and Silver Spring.

Our small bathroom remodeling service is highly adaptive to your specifications and budget. Our team of professionals will work together in giving you the best output for your projected budget.

Washington DC is a progressive area where 19% of the city’s total area is parkland and ranked as the second-most populous city in the U.S. During the summer season, the place is warm and humid. Its Spring and Autumn season range from moderate to warm temperature levels. Whereas, its winter season is in mid-range with an annual snowfall of 15.5 inches.

In terms of city size, Washington DC Metropolitan Area (including its suburbs) ranked as the sixth-largest city in the U.S. There are hundreds of houses and apartments sprawling in the area which can make use of a local bathroom contractor for their renovation projects.

Mega Kitchen and Bath is one of the industry-leading private contractors who can remake your kitchen and bath at a fair price. Let us restore the pristine looks and ambiance in your place today.

We can be your top pick local bathroom remodeler in the Washington DC Area. Why? Because we have the experience, technology, professionals, and passion to rejuvenate the lost beauty of your small bathroom.

Whether you are renovating for comfort or increasing the resale value of your home, Mega Kitchen and Bath will always meet your specifications. Our comprehensive bathroom makeover service is time-tested for many years already. We only provide stunning designs and quality materials for updating or upgrading your tubs, showers, floors, vanity counters, vanity cabinets, and lighting.

You can contact us today for your small bathroom remodeling project.

Mega Kitchen and Bath is your time-tested local kitchen remodeling contractor in Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia. For more than a decade, we have made many homeowners happy with their kitchen and bath makeovers.

You can use our free online estimate to get a projected cost for your small kitchen redo. This doesn’t come with any fee or obligation.

Likewise, we can also do an onsite inspection and quotation for your kitchen renovation at a minimal fee, which can be waived when we are hired for the job.

For booking appointments, call us today.