Bathroom Renovation Washington DC

Bathroom Renovation Washington DC

Bathroom Renovation Washington DC requires a lot of attention. Only Mega Kitchen and Bath can provide that required attention in Washington DC. Our bathroom remodeling Washington DC portfolio will convince you that the Mega Kitchen and Bath is the best.

There are a lot of things to know about bathroom renovation projects in Washington DC. Mega Kitchen and Bath will help you through this journey. We will explain you every process and phase. Therefore, you will know what you will be facing with in your home. Especially, picking the right vanity is very important for your lovely bathroom. Bathroom Renovation Washington DC.

First of all, you need to decide the configuration of the bathroom vanity. Do you prefer to have a lot of drawers? Do you like tall storage in bathroom? Would you prefer modern style vanities or traditional style? Modern vanities can be mounted on the wall as well. We will also call that a wall-hung vanities. Basically, it will be 12-18 inches off the ground and looks like its on the air. So, you will have a nice look in your bathroom but you will lose significant amount of space. On the other hand, traditional style vanities will give you valuable amount of space.

Bathroom Renovation Washington DC at It’s Best

Once we are done with the bathroom vanity. We will move forward to the next steps such as shower heads and faucets. There are different types of shower heads such as basic shower heads, hand showers and rain shower heads. A lot of people prefers to have hand showers. By being able to pull the handheld down, will give you more flexibility. While washing your pets it will be very helpful and efficient. During the bathroom renovation Washington DC project this kind of guidance we will provide you. Another kind of shower head is rain shower head. Basically, it’s located in the center of the shower on the ceiling. Bathroom Renovation Washington DC.

Bathroom Renovation Washington DC will be complete with Mega Kitchen and Bath. We will help you to create your dream bathroom in Washington DC. We have hundreds of happy clients, you can always check our YouTubeInstagram and Facebook pages to see them.